OOTDs: Friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th and it’s in October! Just how spoopy is that? I leave for my trip tomorrow but I’ve managed to find some time to post some OOTDs from the past few days, both of which I really like!

Black White Stripe Top by Windsor
Top: Windsor
Jeans: Ebay

I’m very picky about my striped tops but this one from Windsor is not only cute but very soft! I really like it paired with the faux leather jeans for a slightly intimidating look (even though I’m definitely not an intimidating person, haha). Stripes are always a simple way to add a lot to an outfit.

Pumpkin Sweater by Boohoo
Sweater: Boohoo

I love this sweater. I almost got it last year but wasn’t sure about it since I rarely wear colour in large amounts but this top is so cute and spooky in its own right. It’s also nice for wearing around the house, of course. There I paired it with some black shorts to really highlight the sweater, and combat boots to balance out the bottom half of my body. But I’ll definitely be wearing this sweater year-round, I love it so much!

Again, I’m going to be gone for two weeks so follow me on Instagram for some pics of some lovely cities and I’ll tell you all about it when I get back. I hope everyone has a lovely October and if I don’t post before then, a Happy Halloween. Vi ses!

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Tarte Liquid Lip Swatches

Tarte Red Lipsticks

I have to admit that since they have more natural colours, I didn’t think I’d wear Tarte Cosmetics as much as I do. I frequently throw on their lip paint since I actually really like their true red colours. (Though I have to be honest, these stay on alright but are not smear/transfer proof.) I was short on time when I did these swatches, which is why the application is horrid but I decided to make this post because their colours look very similar and since they’re about $20 a pop, it’s worth knowing the differences.

Tarte XOXO

My favourite has got to be XOXO because it’s a nice true red that doesn’t have any significant undertones but it’s not very saturated, which I love. It looks like a red you’d see more in nature and it’s difficult to find a shade like that. I wear this one all the time.

Tarte Cheerleader

Cheerleader is definitely the darkest but I would call it a true deep red with a slight berry undertone rather than a dark red. It’s a great sophisticated colour.

Tarte Bae

The creamy matte lip colour Bae is a true deep red but it’s lighter than cheerleader. The colour is as close to a deep red as it can be without being dark, so it’s a great shade. However I found this formula a lot chunkier to put on than the others – not impossible, just different.

Tarte Extra

Extra is definitely the brightest of the five and it’s a cool-tone red. It’s actually more of a true cool red since it’s not neon, just a bit brighter than their other shades.

Tarte grav3yardgirl Swamp Family Red

Swamp Family Red is a collaboration with Bunny Meyer and I think it’s limited edition. This colour is definitely a true cool red, probably the coolest of the five I have, but it is definitely a true red so if that’s something you’re looking for, this should definitely be a contender.

Tarte Red Lipstick Swatches
Left to Right: XOXO, Cheerleader, Bae, Extra, Swamp Family Red

I hope that this was helpful and even though their formula isn’t perfect, these colours are really nice and I wear them often.

Next week I will be on a plain to Europe and I’m probably going to be gone until mid-November so follow me on Instagram for some beautiful pics and I’ll update everyone on my trips when I get back. Until then!

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Review: The Lovely Rose Apothecary

I have unsuccessfully tried a tonne of different products to help my blemished skin and even through proper usage, I’ve never had a product that actually helped. When I saw The Lovely Rose Apothecary, I decided to give it a try because 1. the branding is fantastic; handmade, vintage-inspired tonics and creams based on flowers? Yes please! And 2. the beautiful Idda Van Munster recommended it so it must have been good.

The Lovely Rose Apothecary

The Process: They once had a quick quiz to take to determine which of their three skin treatments you need for your skin, but it looks like they just have a contact form now. At any rate, I was supposed to get the geranium skin set because of my blemishes. After deciding on the skin treatment, they have a few skin products to select from: skin tonic, vanishing cream, cold cream, mud masks, and sets. I personally decided on the geranium morning set because I wanted the tonic and a cream. They’re a little bit on the expensive side but being a small, homemade company, it’s to be expected. Even though everything is handmade, the products shipped and arrived at my house fairly quickly.

The Lovely Rose Apothecary

Using the Product: In the morning, you’re supposed to dampen your skin with the tonic and use the cream over your face; then, in the evening, you’re supposed to use their evening set. I only ordered the morning set and used as directed, but I used it before going to bed rather than in the morning. They don’t specify how much of each product you need to use each day but I’ve been using relatively small amounts, making sure that the amount of tonic I have left matches the amount of cream.

The Verdict: I have before and after pictures below; note that the first picture is a month after I started using another product, so it’s actually the result of another brand I used. As for the Lovely Rose, I started using this product in March and have merely kept forgetting to write a review. I could see results in a week! Not even just my skin looks better but my skin looks nearly perfect! I honestly did not expect such great results in such a short amount of time. But I honestly have to say that I’m incredibly happy that I found a nice product that I like and works for me – works great for me.

Before and After: The Lovely Rose Apothecary
Top: After using a different product, before using LRA
Bottom: After using LRA for a few months (though the results were the same a week after I started using it)

If you haven’t found your perfect facial care regimen yet, I highly recommend The Lovely Rose Apothecary because they helped me so much with my skin. They also sell travel beauty sets for $25 if you want a smaller amount of the product to test for a less expensive price.

Let me know if you’ve tried the Lovely Rose yourself, or if you know of a similar brand you’d think I’d enjoy. Until next week!

Posted on Friday, September 22, 2017
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