OOTDs: Hot and Cold

I’m a little surprised at how normal this year has been in terms of weather (kinda) but the OOTDs I have today were shot in very different temperatures because, ya know, global warming. (Did you know that not eating beef can help with that?)

Anyway, here are some OOTDs:

Pants by Windsor
Top: Vintage
Pants: Windsor
Cardigan: Boohoo

So I love these pants and I’ve actually worn them a lot with basic black tops, but this day, I decided to pair them with one of my favourite vintage tops, which is a crushed velvet. Since the pants are pinstripe and the top crushed, I decided to play on the texture with a knit-look cardigan, since it was rather chilly. I really liked the result! I love how it’s sophisticated yet still dark. These pants are an absolute staple in my closet.

Horror-inspired outfit

Bracelet by The Kitschy Cupcake

Zombie Stomper Shoes by Iron Fist
Dress: MoonMaiden Gothic
Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing (came with dress)
Bracelet: The Kitschy Cupcake
Shoes: Iron Fist Clothing

You know how you have something you love that you never wear? That’s me with these shoes, which I’ve only worn about 5 times since I got them over a year ago. Granted they’re not the best walking shoes, I decided to wear them out on a hot day a few weeks ago (you can tell as my hair was still long). I grabbed these nice green shoes, paired them with a fun magenta-coloured lipstick, threw on a really cute horror movie bracelet I got off Etsy, and then completed it with a spider web belt. It was such a cute outfit! I don’t venture much with colour but I loved how this threw together the colourfully creepy without being too “cute.”

I was going to write a political post about wearing short dresses like this but honestly, it just ended up being a short snippet of me saying, be the change you want to see in the world and wear whatever you want.

I’m so excited that Christmas is coming up and even more excited because my full-time job starts in January, which means I’m actually working towards a career again! I don’t know what’s coming next week yet but I’ll be sure to post. Until then!

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OOTDs: Browns

I’m not really a fan of using brown towns in my makeup or apparel but I’ve ended up using quite a few of them in my outfits recently.

Dress by Double Trouble Apparel
Dress: Double Trouble Apparel
Cardigan: Boohoo
Boots: Ebay

For many years, I was super obsessed with leopard print of all different colours and it became quite the staple of mine but over the last few months, I simply lost interest in it. So to rekindle an old flame, I pulled out one of my best leopard print pieces – which is super soft and fits so well, by the way – and wore it out. I’m not sure how I feel about leopard print anymore but I think I’m going to keep this particular dress in my closet just in case I end up loving it again.

Outfit by Dress Like A Pirate and Iron Fist
Choker: The Crypt of Curiosities
Top: Dress Like a Pirate
Skirt: Iron Fist Clothing
Shoes: Forever 21

So I really loved this outfit and wearing some of my favourite pieces in a style which I’m wearing a lot of at the moment. Y’all probably know I have a tonne of lipstick and though it’s all been worn, a lot of it doesn’t get as used as some others, so I decided to pull out “Saddle” by Lime Crime, which was more brown than I remembered. It’s not my favourite lip colour but wearing it wasn’t a terrible experience. (This is how you know when you have a beauty/fashion blog – when wearing a lipstick is called “an experience.”)

I’m actually worried about what to do with my lipstick. My collection is growing so much that even if I wear lipstick once a day, to wear all the shades I have takes almost a year, but obviously cosmetics are not the greatest hand-me-downs. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing with all the lesser-used shades.

I spent so much money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales but I also went back to work this week so that’s a huge bonus. I really hope to be sharing some more outfits and lipsticks with you soon, and I also have some new products that I’d like to review. Until next week!

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I’m Dreaming of a Goth Christmas

It’s after Thanksgiving here in the States which means I can finally talk about what is becoming one of my favourite holidays – Christmas! So this year for my Christmas-themed post, I decided to go with some alternative Christmas decorations, just in time to purchase for the holidays.

The Christmas Tree

Goth Christmas Tree

Purple Christmas Lights Blue Christmas Lights

So a black Christmas tree with beautifully coloured lights would be so exquisitely goth, and that’s the way a lot of people like to go. However a lighter colour like the traditional forest green would make all your black ornaments seem more visible, but it’s really up to you and your aesthetic! I personally love Christmas lights, coloured or not, so that’s actually my favourite part.

❄ Lights by 1000Bulbs (purple and blue)
❄ Christmas Tree by Treetopia

Robert Smith Christmas Ornament

So there are way too many ornaments to list here and it really depends on your taste, but I’m so in love with this Robert Smith ornament by HunkyDoryStudio on Etsy that I might just cave and get it. It’s definitely worth having a look on Etsy and around the web to get the ornaments you love.

The Presents

I personally find the present wrapping to be one of the most exciting elements but also one of the most challenging. I like to do something unique every year but I also find it can be difficult to wrap in my style without having family glare at the presents as if I didn’t spend money on them to get them something nice! So if you like to tone it down or go all out, here are some wrapping ideas:

Black Gift Bags

Damask Wrapping Paper Black Snowflake Wrapping Paper

Burton Stripe Wrapping Paper

Black on black is always a nice way to go but there are other ways to keep it “safe.” A simple black gift bag can be easily dressed up with some tissue paper and unique gift tags, and you can also get away with some classic damask or snowflake wrapping paper in a dark colour scheme. You also have stripes, which I did one year, which are great being alternative but not quite spooky.

❄ Black gift bag from Etsy
❄ Damask wrapping paper from Zazzle
❄ Purple snowflake wrapping paper from Zazzle
❄ Striped wrapping paper from Spoonflower

Batty Christmas Wrapping Paper

Krampus Wrapping Paper

Jack Skellington Ornaments

If you’re a bit more daring, you can go out a bit more with some of these gift wrapping ideas. How fantastic is that Krampus wrapping paper? How cute are those Jack Skellington ornaments? And how absolutely perfect is that bat wrapping paper? I might buy some just to have! Since the ornaments are small, you can attach them to your bows as a lovely gift topper that’s spooky but still within the realm of the December holiday. Definitely no compromise here; all three ideas are perfectly spooky!

❄ Batty Christmas Wrapping Paper by Spoonflower
❄ Krampus Wrapping Paper by The Creeping Moon on Etsy
❄ Jack Skellington Ornaments by TheOutGeek on Etsy

I hope all of you are enjoying the Christmas season and that your gifts look wonderful. Be sure to share pics!

* All images shared with the purpose of advertising. No copyright infringement intended.

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