A Very Easy Jewellery Box

I love making boxes because they’re pretty easy to customise and I often find myself in need of some storage. My old jewellery box is too small for all my rings and things, and my necklaces keep getting tangled, so I desperately needed something new to store it all in. I decided to find a box with multiple cubbies (rather than the traditional jewellery box) so I could easily keep my necklaces separated.

I feel bad about making such a simple tutorial but in Rachael Ray can write a recipe for microwaving bacon, this should be just fine.

What You'll Need for the Jewellery Box

For this, you’ll need a jewellery box (I got mine from Consumer Crafts); decorations (my tree is from Nana’s Little Nest); a small container of wood stain in your colour of choice (mine was Dark Walnut); sandpaper; painter’s tape; a painter’s brush; fabric of your choice (mine was gold velvet); a reliable glue (I use Sobo); a stiff board such as cardboard or strong felt (not pictured); and scissors (not pictured).

Firstly, you want to cover up any parts you don’t want painted with painter’s tape, and then sand and stain the wood. I covered up my plastic lid (even though I was thoroughly disappointed it wasn’t glass, as I had expected). I didn’t paint the bottoms of the cubbies because that’ll be covered up.

Then comes the tedious part: making the padding for each of the cubbies. I found it very difficult to cut my velvet so it fit into the boxes perfectly, so I ended up cutting some still felt because I could get much better precision with my lines and sizes. Then I cut my velvet so that it could be wrapped around each piece of felt, and glued it on via the back, as pictured. This also adds extra cushioning to the cubbies.
* I always use Sobo glue for this type of craft since we were required to use Sobo for models in interior design school.

Then I glue the padding to the bottom of each of the cubbies. I ran out of felt and then it became nighttime and then I got busy – which is why it took so long to make this post. So my project is still unfinished and I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of this velvet in the sunlight – where it looks stunning. (It’s been so grey for the past week.)

Loving the Gold Velvet

Tree of Life Jewellery Box

So this box is far from having the perfect craftsmanship that is probably expected of a blogger but I’m so happy I got a place to store my jewellery. I also really like my Tree and Gold Velvet design since it’s a little bit different.

This can be done in so many ways, and the price can be very inexpensive depending on what you get. I was thinking about doing a smaller one with an ebony stain and red velvet so I could have one to travel with. But in any event, I hope that maybe you’ll make your own box next time you need to buy one. I find that looking at something someone else has designed with their own hands is such an exquisite look into his/her taste.

Posted on Saturday, September 24, 2016
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