OOTDs: Beautiful Blouses

What a lousy title, but I realise now that my two OOTDs for this week are all about showcasing nice blouses. So, without further ado, here they are:

Spiderweb Lauren Top by Pinup Couture
Blouse: Pinup Girl Clothing

I waited a ridiculous and embarrassing amount of time for this blouse to come back in stock. I actually bought the dress in this gorgeous print, which I’ve worn in previous posts (and which is one of my favourite pieces of clothing, by the way), but I love the vintage elegance of this blouse. And I love the print. So much.

And I’m quite happy with this next look, as well as the photos:

Blouse by Kteis

Blouse: Kteis

OK, so first let me say that I love this blouse because it’s a nice gloomy shade of green and with the spiderwebs, it’s so different from other clothing that I own but it fits in perfectly with my style. And I also really liked my makeup with this look; I was trying to emulate the gloomy vibe I was feeling.

I see that my “Beauty” section is the most popular and I do plan on getting more swatches in but, like last time, I’m nervous I’ll put a lot of work into swatches and then I’ll just buy more from the same brand. But we’ll see what I post next week. Until then!

Posted on Saturday, February 18, 2017
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