The Idleness

I haven’t been doing too well lately. Unemployment is really starting to worry me, especially since it’s been over a month now and I’ve gotten only two interviews. I thought getting a job with my lip piercings alone would be difficult, but even with my degree and experience, nobody even wants to consider me as an applicant. It really sucks to know I’m qualified for jobs and then not even be contacted for an interview. What’s worse is that a lot of these companies still have the job opening, and it’s like, why not give me a chance?? I’m sure a lot of my readers can relate.

On top of that, my grandfather died last week. He was an important person in my life and even though he went naturally, it still really sucks that he’s gone. I wish I’d gotten to spend more time with him, and it’s a bit surreal that he’s gone. It’s also nearing the anniversary of my uncle’s murder, which always opens old wounds that don’t seem to heal. In short, it’s been tough.

Everything just really sucks. I hate to be a downer but I thought I’d explain why I’ve been a bit MIA lately. I have been buying some new clothes (against my bank account’s will) so I’ll have some new outfits to wear and post about.

On a lighter note, I started a new collection on Etsy for vintage products that I like but aren’t my size. Be sure to check it out and follow when you can.

Hopefully I’ll blog next week with a happier subject. Until then

Posted on Monday, June 5, 2017
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