Baby Bat Beauty

Baby Bat Beauty

So Baby Bat Beauty is one of those small companies that caught my eye due to some good branding and a selection of very try-able colours. With little to lose, I decided to give them a go and honestly, I was very pleasantly surprised. The formula of both the traditional and liquid-to-matte lipsticks is transfer-proof and long-lasting but unlike some of my other favourite formulas, it is a lot easier to get them off when finished (even though you can tell from the photos my skin got very irritated from swatching).

So, without further adieu, I have 12 shades swatched for you!

Baby Bat Beauty Swatches
Top to Bottom: Countess, Pandora, Spring Fling, Harvest Moon, Campfire, Tiger Eye, Ruby, Persephone, Mars, Cranberry Cocktail, Silent Night, Amethyst

(I also apologise for the resolution; I was trying some new lighting and apparently it didn’t work out as well, but the colour is definitely still there. I spent so much time and obviously a lot of scrubbing on these photos that I thought had turned out well that I truly don’t want to have to do it again – sorry! This post will definitely be updated when I get new shades.)

Classic Lipsticks

Countess by Baby Bat Beauty

Countess is definitely a true red with a blue undertone but it’s more muted. It’s great to wear as a red lip that isn’t too bright.

Pandora by Baby Bat Beauty

Pandora is a darker red that’s also a bit muted, like Countess. It’s also a great shade of blackened red that’s not super bold.

Spring Fling by Baby Bat Beauty

Spring Fling is definitely a much brighter colour. It’s a bit of a coral red with pink and orange undertones, however it is more of a red. I thought it would be closer to pink but it’s actually a nice coral colour and it’s one of my favourites from the brand.

Liquid to Mattes

Harvest Moon by Baby Bat Beauty

Limited edition Harvest Moon is more of a medium-toned orange-red, which looks like a light brown colour. It’s definitely a great shade for an off-red in the orange/brown direction.

Campfire by Baby Bat Beauty

I believe Campfire was also limited edition for fall, but it’s a true red that’s slightly blackened. It’s definitely a beautiful shade of dark red.

Tiger Eye by Baby Bat Beauty

Tiger Eye is definitely one of my favourites from this brand. It’s a beautiful warm red with an orange undertone – and y’all should know how I feel about warm reds!

Ruby by Baby Bat Beauty

Ruby is definitely a bright true red with blue undertones. Every brand seems to have a true red shade and I’d say this is Baby Bat’s.

Persephone by Baby Bat Beauty

Persephone seems to be the fan favourite amongst Baby Bat’s customers and it’s a pure blackened red that’s darker than Campfire but definitely maintains its red pureness. It’s a little too dark for me but everyone’s different, right?

Mars by Baby Bat Beauty

Mars is the only metallic I have in my Baby Bat collection. It’s an interested cool red that also has hints of lavender in the colour. If you like metallics, this will be an interesting but definitely wearable shade for your collection.

Cranberry Cocktail by Baby Bat Beauty

Cranberry Cocktail was also limited edition but I hope it comes back because it’s a beautiful magenta-toned red. I wouldn’t call it “cranberry” but it’s definitely a cool-toned and pinkish red that’s great for days when a truer red just isn’t going to cut it.

Silent Night by Baby Bat Beauty

Another limited edition, Silent Night is a muted grape purple, which almost looks blackened even though it isn’t terribly dark.

Amethyst by Baby Bat Beauty

Amethyst is a bright grape purple colour and is one of the more interesting purples I own. While this formula is more sheer than the others for some reason, it’s definitely a more brightly-coloured light purple.

I apologise again that this lighting didn’t work out but I sincerely hope that the colours were easily distinguishable and that I helped you learn more about Baby Bat Beauty’s shades! Until next week!

Posted on Sunday, January 28, 2018
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