OOTDs: Snow and Yellow

Sorry I’ve been so idle. I’m still battling being sick of the cold and organising my finances to visit 4 countries this year, but I’ve managed to pull together some OOTDs.

Yellow Jeans
Everything: Ebay

Not pictured: the layers of leggings and shirts I have on underneath.

Yes, I’m wearing yellow jeans. As I can’t really explain why I like the aesthetic of what I do, I think a lot of it is inspired by 80s fashion, and for some unpopular reason, I like yellow a lot. Do you have anything in your wardrobe that’s a little bit unexpected or surprising?

Skirt by Corvus Corone Fashion
Top: Boohoo
Skirt: Corvus Corone Fashion
Boots: Ebay
Doggo: Mine!

Even though I absolutely love the snow, I was so caught between being happy and being angry that it snowed in late March. However, I did get a nice outfit together for once in a long time. I spent most of the day cuddling inside and writing, which I’ve been doing a lot of recently.

How is everyone else doing? Have you been having a good year? I’d like to hear about how y’all are doing!

Posted on Sunday, March 25, 2018
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