About Me

Who am I?

Me with a Cute Pumpkin My name is Lilly and I’m from the United States, but I love travelling and have visited 16 countries to date – and counting. I have a degree in art history but I work in marketing/sales. I’d one day like to own my own business flipping houses, but my short-term goals include buying a home and establishing a career.

I take a lot of my fashion inspiration from vintage pieces and I like to add a touch of fun to my outfits from time to time. I get told that I’m “dressy” but a lot of what I wear is simple, just not something people see every day – and I like being different with my clothing. I’m almost always wearing lipstick (I have over 100 shades!) but aside from that, I like to have a more natural look. Fun fact: I’d love to do my hair more but it’s the most stubborn thing on this planet; there’s no keeping a new ‘do in place. I got a perm once and it was still straight, so there ya go!

I also design websites (such as the lovely one you’re on) so feel free to shoot me an email if you’re interested in a $20 website. I’m also told that I give good travel advice, so if you’d like to see the world on a budget, I’d love to help.

What is 7 Shades?

7 Shades of Black actually opened in 2012 as a personal blog for anything I wanted to write about. It was one of several blogs I’d had over the years and even though it died out in my late college years, I actually continued blogging for much longer than what I’d done before.

I like to look nice and have built up a nice wardrobe since 2013. After wanting to open a fashion blog, the people who commented on my outfits and the several lovely but undiscovered Etsy artists indirectly convinced me to open 7 Shades again. I decided it was purely going to be a fashion/alternative blog – for readership reasons – but I also incorporate some of my travel because, let’s admit it, that’s unavoidable. To date, this version of 7 Shades is my most popular yet and I’d love to see it grow.

Know you’re more than welcome to email me about anything you see on the site. Thanks for visiting!

** Sorry, but my server doesn’t allow contact forms any longer, so I must be emailed directly in lieu of having a contact form. Sorry!