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Lime Crime

Lime Crime Lipsticks

Happy New Year everyone! My 2016 was actually one of the best years I’ve had in a while and even though 2017 came to a 4-day rocky start, I’m hoping that it’ll be filled with wonderful times.

And, as promised, I’m here with another swatch post! I’ve been wearing Lime Crime for a while now and since I now own 15 shades from their collection, I figured it was time to do a swatch & review.

What do I think about the liquid lipstick formula? Most of Lime Crime’s products are liquid lipsticks, and the formula is pretty solid. It stays on pretty well and the colour generally lasts for a few hours, even though I’ve never timed it. However, I would recommend re-applying the colour if you plan on wearing it all day long. The only issue I’ve had with it is that it doesn’t last through make-outs, but honestly, it’s so difficult to find a lipstick that does. As for the lipstick itself, I’d definitely give it a thumbs-up.

As for the Unicorn Lipstick, I have only two shades of that so a review is at the very bottom.

Swatches of Lime Crime Liquid Lipstick & Unicorn Lipstick
Left to Right: Fishnet, Varsity, Red Rose, Eclipse, Jingle, Red Velvet, Pumpkin, Rustic, Riot, Saddle, Cindy, Bleached, Sasha, Teddy Bear, Fetish

Again, I’d like to apologise for the sloppy application. I’m still working on applying makeup, as strange as that may sound, and swatching 14 colours was not easy on my lips/skin. However the colours are there so I hope it’s helpful.

Lime Crime Fetish Swatch

Fetish is a beautiful purple colour that’s tame enough to be considered elegant but isn’t too dark. It’s definitely a great colour for people wanting to try out purple or darker lip colours. ★ One of my LC favourites.

Lime Crime Teddy Bear Swatch

I got this colour before Fetish because I wanted a purple that wasn’t going to be too dark for me. Teddy Bear‘s a nice lavender shade that has some brown undertones to it.

Lime Crime Sasha Swatch

Sasha came with a set that I got and it’s kind of like a dusty rose. It’s definitely a nude that has hints of lavender and pink.

Lime Crime Bleached Swatch

Bleached is such a nice colour because it’s a pink that’s not bright enough to be considered too “preppy.” Since it does have a bit of white in it, I feel like I could definitely get away with wearing this colour with my usual clothes and I wouldn’t look like Barbie. ★ One of my LC favourites.

Lime Crime Cindy Swatch

Cindy is a bit confusing to me because it’s like orange mixed with purple, and it had a muddied orange/purple look to it. In pictures I’ve seen, even the one I took above, it looks like a terracotta with some red but that’s not what it looks like in person.

Lime Crime Saddle Swatch

Saddle is a gorgeous rusted brown that has some rich red undertones. I was worried this colour was going to be too brown but that definitely wasn’t the case. It’s not a colour that pops out but it’s definitely not dull, either. ★ One of my LC favourites.

Lime Crime Riot Swatch

Riot‘s a bit of a strange colour to me. It looks purple and brown and pink in photographs and in person it’s like a mixture of the three, with more pink and purple. Every time I’ve worn it, I didn’t feel like the colour stood out and it rather felt more like a nude.

Lime Crime Rustic Swatch

I was so excited to get Rustic since I thought it would be a muted red but it’s actually a pretty vibrant reddish-pink colour. It’s a decent colour and I’m surprised I wore it more than once but fair warning, it is more of a hot pink than red.

Lime Crime Pumpkin Swatch

Pumpkin is such a beautiful reddish-orange that is both vibrant but also looks like a burnt colour. I wear this shade when I feel like warming up my look but I don’t want to do so with a red. ★ One of my LC favourites.

Lime Crime Red Velvet Swatch

Red Velvet is definitely the essential cool-tone red that, honestly, everyone seems to sell. It’s a great shade but if you’re debating spending $20 on it, I’d say you could probably find a look-alike for way cheaper.

I’m not swatching Jingle since it was limited edition and came in a small tube. However if I say that the shade is so gorgeous I don’t want to use any of it on a swatch, that should probably tell you it’s a gorgeous shade. ★ One of my LC favourites.

Lime Crime Eclipse Swatch

Eclipse was described as being dark but even though it’s a red with black undertones, it’s actually not that dark. It’s a bit on the medium-toned side. It has a nice shine to it but I noticed that the application is a bit watery and one layer can be a bit transparent. You may want to try two layers for a full effect.

Lime Crime Red Rose

I was not sure how I’d like Red Rose but I absolutely love it. I wouldn’t call it a universally-flattering red, as advertised, but more a magenta or berry red with purple tones in it. ★ One of my LC favourites.

The Unicorn Lipstick: You can see Varsity and Fishnet in the very first swatch but I couldn’t capture the colours truly in individual swatches. But I have to tell you, these looked like very pigmented colours with some shine to them and they are not only very dull in shade but in shine. These were not at all what I was expecting so I probably won’t be wearing them or buying more of the Unicorn Lipsticks.

My final thoughts: So that was a lot of swatching! I hope that this post helped you understand the colours a bit more. Lime Crime has a good array of interesting colours so definitely check them out if you’re interested. These colours are easy to dupe and at $20 a pop, you may want to find said dupes. I usually order from Lime Crime because I know the brand and trust the formula, and they have a quite healthy array of shades to choose from; you could say I’ve gotten a bit addicted. Damn branding! But, when all is said and done, I’d definitely recommend this brand if you don’t mind the price.

Until next week ★

Posted on Saturday, January 7, 2017
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Red Lips by Besame

Besame cosmetics are amongst my favourites. If you haven’t heard of the brand, Besame offers a range of cosmetics directly inspired by the Hollywood Golden Age. Their colours are popular with pin-up and 1900s reproduction looks but are also beautiful whenever you need a red lip. I currently own more Besame than any other makeup brand.

Besame Lipsticks

Pictured is the brightening violet powder, which I am not swatching but which I did use to soften my lips between swatches.

Top to Bottom: Cherry Red, Red Velvet, Victory Red, Besame Red, Red Hot Red Top to Bottom: Cherry Red, Red Velvet, Victory Red, Besame Red, Red Hot Red
Top to Bottom: Cherry Red, Red Velvet, Victory Red, Besame Red, Red Hot Red

Please accept my apologies for the awful quality of my lipstick application! I’m still getting into the art of making what I wear advertisable.

Besame 1935 Cherry Red

The 1935 Cherry Red is a beautiful colour that is very appropriately named. The colour emulates that of bing cherries: red with a blue undertone that makes it appear darker. It’s actually an interesting colour to look at since it has several coloural dimensions.

Besame 1946 Red Velvet

The 1946 Red Velvet lipstick is one I’ve had for a long time and is one of my go-tos for dark reds. It’s a classic red that’s dark but not overwhelming. I wouldn’t say my camera inaccurately captured the colour but it looks a bit darker when next to Cherry Red.

Besame 1941 Victory Red

Besame’s new 1941 Victory Red shade is a bit bluer than some of the pictures I’d seen before purchasing. It’s definitely a classic colour red, but not as rich as I’d imagined. (Which is why it’s always a good idea to look at reviews before buying!)

Besame 1920 Besame Red

Besame Red has its colour based on a shade from 1920. It’s very similar to Victory Red but just a bit lighter. I only have samples of this shade so I couldn’t manage to apply it very well, but the colour should be there.

Besame 1959 Red Hot Red

Would it be a surprise if I said the 1959 Red Hot Red Lipstick is actually one of my favourites? It’s a light, bright red but doesn’t have any hints of blue or orange – like a pure red. I love wearing this shade when I want my lips to stand out more.

Besame products are available via their website and also on I can’t wait to get some more shades from them in the future and definitely recommend for a vintage-inspired red lip.

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