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Vintage and Not My Size: December 2017

So I don’t mean to toot my own horn but my vintage and not my size collection on Etsy is filled with a lot of great clothing and shoes that I can’t buy because they’re not my size.

Since I’ve been super busy lately, and Christmas is in only 3 days (eep!), I thought I’d do another one of these posts in hopes that someone else will buy one of these bad boys.

Vintage 1930s Dress
Vintage 1930s Dress

I’ve been into flapper-esque clothing a lot recently and this dress is absolutely gorgeous! I love how it has vintage appeal but it’s toned done so that it would fit so well in modern life. It’s absolutely stunning! Alas, being the short one I am, this dress is as tall as I am and I would not want to tailor such beautiful work.

Vintage Black Trench Coat
Black Trench Coat

I have a thing for trench coats and this one is absolutely stunning. I love the cut, the texture, the colour – everything! And I’d bet it would hold up better than some of my other coats have.

Admittedly this one actually is my size and would fit well but I’m not about to pay $300+ for a coat. Maybe if they lower the cost by a lot, I’ll buy it.

Betsey Johnson floral dress
Betsey Johnson Floral Dress

So this dress is a little different but I love Betsey Johnson and think this would make a lovely goth-y summer dress, even though it’s not entire black. However it again would be a bit long on me so it needs to go to someone taller.

Embroidered Lace Cardigan
Embroidered Lace Cardigan

This embroidered lace cardigan is just a little too big for me and a bit above my budget but it is absolutely gorgeous! I don’t wear lace as much as I used to but the detail on this is stunning. I’d definitely like to see someone wear this one day!

Black Romper
Black Romper

So the most affordable thing on this list is this black romper, which I’d totally buy if it were actually my size. I love how it has a vest detail and would look great in summer or paired with some tops and leggings to give it a spookier look. It’s a different piece that would look great but it’s just not my size.

So I should’ve taken note of prices before compiling this list but it’s almost Christmas, right? I tag posts like these under “inspiration” so hopefully you can find something like these for a better price.

I hope everyone has a great Yule or a merry Christmas and I’ll hopefully be back next week. Until then!

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Posted on Friday, December 22, 2017
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Vintage and Not My Size: July 2017

Sorry because I’ve now lied about future blog posts in the past two blog posts. I’ve pushed my announcement up to next week (which will make it better), but I’ve also decided to do blog posts featuring the clothing on my new Etsy list, to highlight things I would totally buy if they were my size. So without further ado, these are the items I chose for this month:

Vintage Life Stride Black Suede Lace Up Mary Jane Heels 7 by The Black Cat Closet
Size US 7

I’ve wanted something like these Mary Jane-style shoes for a while but whenever I find something, they’re either sold out, not in black, or just not my size. I personally love Mary Janes and think they make a subtle and elegant compliment to a lot of outfits.

Black Fuzzy Furry Top Girls Stuff Teens Large by TwiggyPudding
Size Large

I’ve also been looking for something like this black fuzzy sweater because they look warm but the fuzziness makes them something you don’t typically see. I’ll find my nice black fuzzy sweater eventually but unfortunately, today is not that day.

Vintage 1980's Black Witchy Maxi Dress, XS Small, Goddess Priestess Coven by The Black Cat Closet
Size Small

Even though this beautiful witchy maxi-dress is marked a size small, it would still run a little large on me. It bums me out because the collar, sleeves, cut, buttons… pretty much everything make this dress absolutely fabulous for a witchy autumn day, and it looks easy to accessorise, maybe with a nice hat or a moon necklace as shown. Hopefully it will be loved in a new home.

Vintage 80s Black Criss Cross Caged Open Back Longsleeve Midi Length Dress, Belted Disco Evening Goth Rocker Formal, Size Medium by DateNiteDigs
Size Medium

This dress is also perfect. I love how the front looks conservative and has the nice button detail, but then the back has none other than a corset feature. This would also fit perfectly into my witchy autumn wardrobe but unfortunately, I don’t think I can wear this one.

I hope you enjoyed this post because there certainly will be more to come. I’m anticipating my announcement but next but honestly, the more I can push it back, the better. Until then!

* This post is not sponsored. These pictures were taken with the intent of helping the owner make a sale.

Posted on Monday, July 3, 2017
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Best Movie Wardrobes, Part 1

It wouldn’t be surprising if everyone got a bit of their fashion inspiration from video media such as film and TV shows so today, I thought I’d share with you some of the movies I thought came with the best wardrobes.

Titanic (1997)

Of course anyone who’s going to do one of these lists is going to include Titanic, but this is one of the first films that got me interested in historic fashion. All of Kate Winslet’s outfits, and more, are absolutely beautiful. I wish it were more socially accepted to wear outfits like these out; but in the meantime, if anyone finds a decent mid- or tea-length version of these dresses, please let me know!

My favourite!

And yes, this movie is so great but makes me cry immensely.

The Help (2011)

A portion of my wardrobe is inspired by the mid-20th century so it’s no surprise that The Help made it to this short list. So many of these outfits have such wonderful cuts and are perfect for those summer days when you just want to be outside. (It’s so cold here today and just looking at this film’s screenshots make me wish it were summer.)

Thank goodness this film is so visually appealing; it makes up for all the bitches we have to listen to.

Heathers (1988)

Fuck me gently with a chainsaw. I’m an amateur film junkie but the role of costumes in this film aren’t particularly obscure. But aside from the genius that got put into incorporating the wardrobe into the plot – which you can read about here – their ’80s fashion is pretty killer (pun intended). I know I’ve channeled Veronica Sawyer on several days before.

The wardrobe alone has a lot going on this movie and a tonne of outfits but from the hats to the skirts to the accessories to the attitudes, there’s a lot to love about it. Just paint anything in this movie black and you have me sold.

Can we also get a round of applause for Heather C’s and D’s hair?

I have more but these are three that really stood out to me, so the rest are saved for later. Do you agree with my choices?

Until next week ★

Posted on Saturday, February 4, 2017
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