My Holiday Dress

Now that the holiday feeling is coming to a close (and also because I forgot), here’s a quick pic of the holiday dress I got this year.

Dress by Heart My Closet
Dress: Heart My Closet
Shoes: Bettie Page
Wrapping: Me, helped by Papyrus

I really love this dress because it has such a delicate lace detail and the buttons on the side really make it special. Since I always tend to “dress up” by today’s norms, this was really a dress that looked formal and elegant for me, keeping with my style but nothing that looks like what I wear every day. The best part is that everything in Heart My Closet is made to measure, so everything I’ve gotten there fits perfectly!

Dress by Heart My Closet
Dress by Heart My Closet

I can’t wait for another event where I can wear this dress! I hope 2018 will be a good year, not just for me but for everyone.

I hope the first week of the new year has treated everyone well! Until next week!

Posted on Sunday, January 7, 2018
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Unsuccessful Purple Hair

I dye my hair a temporary colour sometimes and even though I’m in love with Manic Panic’s Purple Haze, I decided to try some new products which didn’t go quite as well.

First I tried Aesthetic by Lime Crime because the colour looked gorgeous and I absolutely love their lippies, so what did I have to lose? Well, I had nothing to lose, that’s what.

Lime Crime Aesthetic Hair Dye

Lime Crime Aesthetic Hair Dye

Ummm. There was a good amount of colour in the packaging at least? But obviously it didn’t really do anything to my hair. Some strands had a pinkish highlight, but really? I left the dye in for two hours on my entire head – bleached and natural blonde – and nothing? I don’t even know how that could’ve been achieved but at least it didn’t ruin my hair, I guess. They have great makeup but I’m not going to buy their hair dye again.

Additionally, I got some Dye Hard hair gel from Manic Panic (in the shade Purple Haze of course) because I wanted to try out a product that would stay in my hair for a day only. Since the tubes were small, I used it only on the underside of my hair. At first, it worked pretty well; the colour was pigmented and seemed to flow nicely when brushed out. And then…

Manic Panic Dye Hard Gel in Purple Haze

Super faded. The product itself was great, it wasn’t messy and it was easy to apply, but I was disappointed that it dried to a very faint purple colour when it was pigmented wet. However the gel was way more successful than Lime Crime’s pretty big failure.

I’d really like to try some more colours from different brands but for now, my favourite is still Manic Panic’s Purple Haze – by a long shot.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I can’t believe 2017 is almost over! I dropped the ball on taking more aesthetically-pleasing photos and that’s really my only goal this year. I’d like photos that look a bit more professional and actually, I’m thinking of painting my room white so I have a clean canvas to take pictures against. In any event, I definitely want to continue blogging through the new year and I hope that better photographs will follow.

I hope everyone has a wonderful new year and that 2018 will treat you well!

Posted on Saturday, December 30, 2017
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Vintage and Not My Size: December 2017

So I don’t mean to toot my own horn but my vintage and not my size collection on Etsy is filled with a lot of great clothing and shoes that I can’t buy because they’re not my size.

Since I’ve been super busy lately, and Christmas is in only 3 days (eep!), I thought I’d do another one of these posts in hopes that someone else will buy one of these bad boys.

Vintage 1930s Dress
Vintage 1930s Dress

I’ve been into flapper-esque clothing a lot recently and this dress is absolutely gorgeous! I love how it has vintage appeal but it’s toned done so that it would fit so well in modern life. It’s absolutely stunning! Alas, being the short one I am, this dress is as tall as I am and I would not want to tailor such beautiful work.

Vintage Black Trench Coat
Black Trench Coat

I have a thing for trench coats and this one is absolutely stunning. I love the cut, the texture, the colour – everything! And I’d bet it would hold up better than some of my other coats have.

Admittedly this one actually is my size and would fit well but I’m not about to pay $300+ for a coat. Maybe if they lower the cost by a lot, I’ll buy it.

Betsey Johnson floral dress
Betsey Johnson Floral Dress

So this dress is a little different but I love Betsey Johnson and think this would make a lovely goth-y summer dress, even though it’s not entire black. However it again would be a bit long on me so it needs to go to someone taller.

Embroidered Lace Cardigan
Embroidered Lace Cardigan

This embroidered lace cardigan is just a little too big for me and a bit above my budget but it is absolutely gorgeous! I don’t wear lace as much as I used to but the detail on this is stunning. I’d definitely like to see someone wear this one day!

Black Romper
Black Romper

So the most affordable thing on this list is this black romper, which I’d totally buy if it were actually my size. I love how it has a vest detail and would look great in summer or paired with some tops and leggings to give it a spookier look. It’s a different piece that would look great but it’s just not my size.

So I should’ve taken note of prices before compiling this list but it’s almost Christmas, right? I tag posts like these under “inspiration” so hopefully you can find something like these for a better price.

I hope everyone has a great Yule or a merry Christmas and I’ll hopefully be back next week. Until then!

* Images were taken with the intent of helping owners make a sale. No copyright infringement intended.

Posted on Friday, December 22, 2017
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