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My Holiday Dress

Now that the holiday feeling is coming to a close (and also because I forgot), here’s a quick pic of the holiday dress I got this year.

Dress by Heart My Closet
Dress: Heart My Closet
Shoes: Bettie Page
Wrapping: Me, helped by Papyrus

I really love this dress because it has such a delicate lace detail and the buttons on the side really make it special. Since I always tend to “dress up” by today’s norms, this was really a dress that looked formal and elegant for me, keeping with my style but nothing that looks like what I wear every day. The best part is that everything in Heart My Closet is made to measure, so everything I’ve gotten there fits perfectly!

Dress by Heart My Closet
Dress by Heart My Closet

I can’t wait for another event where I can wear this dress! I hope 2018 will be a good year, not just for me but for everyone.

I hope the first week of the new year has treated everyone well! Until next week!

Posted on Sunday, January 7, 2018
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OOTDs: Early February

My life has been a bit slow lately so I don’t really have anything to talk about. I’m a bit behind on my savings right now so I’m not buying anything new until I get to my savings target. Until then, I’m stuck with the same clothes I always have (which is actually quite a lot, even though it never feels like it).

Without any further boring ado, here are some of my latest OOTDs.

Skirt by A. Petersone Fashion
Skull Skirt by A. Petersone Fashion
Top: Vintage
Skirt: A. Petersone Clothing
Shoes: Bettie Page

I loved this outfit. I’ll probably be wearing it again but I was so happy with my new vintage find combined with the centred skull skirt I got. I definitely felt awesome in this outfit, and that’s what fashion is about, am I right?

Bat Outfit
Belt by FlezArt
Dress: Moonmaiden Gothic
Belt: FlezArt
Shoes: Funtasma

Not gonna lie, but sometimes basic outfits are the best because you get to highlight your accessories – in this case, a bat belt I got. I threw together some of my bat jewellery to complete the look but I felt like it was a lot of basic and very little decoration. This look probably would’ve been better with a sleeveless dress.

I hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s day. Until next week!

Posted on Saturday, February 11, 2017
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OOTDs: Bats and Masquerades

I hope the new year has been treating everyone well. Mine’s had so many ups and downs but I already have two vacations planned, which I’m really excited about.

Anyway, here are some OOTDs:

Dress by Boohoo
Dress: Boohoo

Detail of bats

I’d never heard of this brand before but I actually really like their selection and ended up buying a few things from them. It looks like they’re a good store to turn to once Halloween comes around, and I got this bat dress for a deal. It’s actually pretty comfy and it’s good for both casual and formal events, as well as layering. I wore it our plainly but I definitely want to play around with layering it more.

Skirt by Lady Sloth

Sweater: Pinup Girl Clothing
Skirt: Lady Sloth
Shoes: Bettie Page

Honestly, with my hair colour fading and the grey skirt, this look felt a bit weird since it was more pastel than I usually like. I liked it but I definitely want to make it look darker next time; pastel isn’t really me.

On another note, I was a bit concerned about peoples’ reactions (mostly online) that I bought a lolita skirt to wear it with non-lolita attire. Do people think that’s unacceptable? I personally don’t think so, but I know that lolitas tend to have rules about their attire. But could I really resist this gorgeous and unique print?

Skirt by Lady Sloth

Until next week ✶

Posted on Saturday, January 14, 2017
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