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OOTDs: Browns

I’m not really a fan of using brown towns in my makeup or apparel but I’ve ended up using quite a few of them in my outfits recently.

Dress by Double Trouble Apparel
Dress: Double Trouble Apparel
Cardigan: Boohoo
Boots: Ebay

For many years, I was super obsessed with leopard print of all different colours and it became quite the staple of mine but over the last few months, I simply lost interest in it. So to rekindle an old flame, I pulled out one of my best leopard print pieces – which is super soft and fits so well, by the way – and wore it out. I’m not sure how I feel about leopard print anymore but I think I’m going to keep this particular dress in my closet just in case I end up loving it again.

Outfit by Dress Like A Pirate and Iron Fist
Choker: The Crypt of Curiosities
Top: Dress Like a Pirate
Skirt: Iron Fist Clothing
Shoes: Forever 21

So I really loved this outfit and wearing some of my favourite pieces in a style which I’m wearing a lot of at the moment. Y’all probably know I have a tonne of lipstick and though it’s all been worn, a lot of it doesn’t get as used as some others, so I decided to pull out “Saddle” by Lime Crime, which was more brown than I remembered. It’s not my favourite lip colour but wearing it wasn’t a terrible experience. (This is how you know when you have a beauty/fashion blog – when wearing a lipstick is called “an experience.”)

I’m actually worried about what to do with my lipstick. My collection is growing so much that even if I wear lipstick once a day, to wear all the shades I have takes almost a year, but obviously cosmetics are not the greatest hand-me-downs. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing with all the lesser-used shades.

I spent so much money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales but I also went back to work this week so that’s a huge bonus. I really hope to be sharing some more outfits and lipsticks with you soon, and I also have some new products that I’d like to review. Until next week!

Posted on Saturday, December 2, 2017
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OOTDs: Crappy Phone Pics, pt 4

It has been so hot here recently. I’ve managed to put great outfits together for years but it’s so hot now, I keep wearing shorts and tank tops so I don’t die of heat stroke or ruin my clothes with sweat. I’d do anything for a more reasonable temperature.

(Also I did promise last time that I wouldn’t post an OOTD now, but I changed my mind – and an explanation is to come next week.)

However, I was able to get in a few more OOTDs with reasonable outfits (actually, outfits I really like!):

Skirt by Iron Fist

Skirt by Iron Fist
Cardigan: Boohoo
Skirt: Iron Fist
Shoes: Unique Vintage

I was so excited to get my hands on this discontinued skirt by Iron Fist. I really love the material and how the dark grey colour is different from a lot of skirts in my wardrobe but still goes with a lot of things I have. Paired with the shoes and cardigan, this look what quite elegant but I think I can pull off other moods with this skirt.

Skirt by Double Trouble Apparel

Skirt by Double Trouble Apparel

Bracelet by Art of Adornment
Top: Vintage
Skirt: Double Trouble Apparel
Bracelet: Art of Adornment

It was so incredibly hot on this day but I decided to wear a new top I got for the heat and pair it with this lovely skirt that I got from Double Trouble. I was really drawn to it since I have a spider web skirt but it’s all black, and this one has white but it’s not the same print as some of my other clothing. Wow, does that make me sound like I own too many spider web pieces? I guess so… but oh well.

I have a lot of updates that I’d like to share, but I decided to dedicate it to its own blog post that will be posted within the week. Until then!

Posted on Sunday, June 25, 2017
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