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OOTDs: Mesh and Lace

The good news, for me, is that I’m now going on 3 more vacations that I have reservations for and I still have a few more places I can squeeze in on my list. The bad news, for me and you, is that I spent all my money on travel so new lipsticks are absolutely out of the question and I’ll have to wait for Christmas to buy anything new. C’est la vie. However I am quite excited about some future posts, such as my travels and some OOTDs for when I actually have some free time.

Anyway, here are some looks from this past week that I was really loving:

Top by Corvus Corone Fashion
Top by Corvus Corone Fashion
Top: Corvus Corone Fashion
Shoes: Funtasma

I was so excited to get this top because it’s so different from a lot of things in my wardrobe, but still cute. I decided to have some fun with this outfit and added some high heels and braids to complement the creepy-cute look. I’m so happy with this outfit and it was definitely one of my favourites.

Vintage Dress
Dress: Vintage
Shoes: Forever 21
Necklace: Dracula Clothing

I’ve been waiting for months to wear this beautiful vintage dress I got and it was finally cool enough to wear it! I just love the brocade with the buttons, and this is definitely one of my favourite vintage finds ever. I paired it with some cute boots I recently got at Forever 21 and one of my favourite necklaces by Dracula Clothing. I didn’t intend for my lipstick to be so dark (it looks purple in these pictures) but I’m so happy I got this dress and can’t wait to wear it again.

I’ve been very busy so I can’t promise a post next week but I certainly will try. Until then!

Posted on Saturday, September 16, 2017
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OOTDs: Is it Autumn Yet?

I’m so ready for it to be fall. The weather is absolutely dreadful and one of my jobs is outdoors, which makes it all the worse. I’m so ready for nice weather, Halloween products, and the thrill of everything autumn, aren’t you?

Anyway, here are some OOTDs. It has cooled down a little bit so I wasn’t wearing just shorts this time around!

Top by Iron Fist
Top: Iron Fist

When I bought this shirt, I was a bit hesitant about whether or not I’d be wearing it. But now, I wear it all the time! I’d really like to see more prints like this in future clothing. I love the simple but creepy black and white skeletal hand print.

Dress by Moonmaiden Gothic

Dragon Necklace by Dracula Clothing
Dress: Moonmaiden Gothic
Necklace: Dracula Clothing

This outfit was really simple to put together but fishnets and a statement necklace add a lot. I personally love this necklace and it’s one of my favourites. The shoes I got several years ago, I forget from where, but I chose them because they’re cute but I never wear them. Sometimes it’s nice to wear something that seldom gets pulled out of the closet, you know?

I hope all of you have a wonderful week!

Posted on Thursday, August 3, 2017
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OOTDs: The Cold

It’s been pretty cold recently, and as I’ve stated before, I’m not one to dress for the cold since most of the clothes I like are for warmer weather. However, I was able to scrape together some outfits that are blog post-worthy, so I hope you enjoy.

Black Damask Dress by Dracula Clothing

Dress: Dracula Clothing
Tights: Ebay

Sometimes I feel less plain, and when I do, outfits like this happen. My dress from Dracula Clothing, which I’ve worn here before, is a heavy damask fabric so it’s actually pretty warm. Since fishnets are a little bit warm, I decided to wear those as well – not to mention that they add a tonne of style to any outfit. (I need to wear them more often.) Also the tights I’m wearing are lined with faux fur and are super warm, probably the best tights I’ve owned – plus they’re not super tight so they can be worn as pants. I got the them from here, even though you can search around the web for a better price in your country.

Black Damask Dress by Dracula Clothing

Coat by Dark Angel Design Co
Coat: The Dark Angel Design Co

This photo was taken a few months back when we actually got a decent amount of snow. The coat is a beautiful 19th-century style English wool coat that is an essential for winter, especially if you want something that’s a bit basic but definitely not ordinary. I had it made to my measurements and the process was great and it fits like a charm. Here, I’m wearing it with a faux fur scarf.

I really hope it gets warm soon since I can’t wait for spring; I’m terribly sick of wearing sweaters, especially since I don’t own that many. Until next week ★

Posted on Saturday, March 11, 2017
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