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The Renn Fest Outfits

Like every year, I went to the Renn Fest a few times and of course I take the opportunity to wear clothing I otherwise wouldn’t wear as much. This year, I got a bodice that I’m debating wearing out normally, but of course it was perfect for the faire and since it’s reversible, I got to wear it two ways:

Bodice by Dungeon Duds n Jewels
Bodice by Dungeon Duds n Jewels
Bodice: Dungeon Duds n Jewels
Skirt: Rose Mortem
Shoes: Forever 21

I love this bodice, a lot. I love peacock prints and the colours in this are so lovely and add a lot of beautiful colour and texture – this print got a lot of compliments. I paired it with one of my favourite skirts and the new shoes I absolutely love, and this outfit is definitely one of my favourites. The bodice is, well, a bodice, so I’m not sure I’d be so comfortable wearing it out to an everyday event but I definitely hope this isn’t the last of my peacock bodice.

Skirt by Corvus Corone Fashion
Bodice: Dungeon Duds n Jewels
Overskirt: Corvus Corone Fashion
Underskirt: Skeletons in the Closet
Shoes: Funtasma

Naturally, the other side of my bodice is all black with a dragon print. What can I say? I built this outfit from the bottom, using one of my favourite skirts by Corvus Corone Fashion and pairing it with a mesh skirt I got to add some interest. I love how it came out and would definitely pair the skirts together again, though I love them both on their own as well. This winter, I’m going to try to wear my heavier skirts more often and I hope that’s a promise I can keep to myself.

I leave for Peru this week so I won’t be around to blog but I hope everyone is having a great week and is starting to get into a festive mood, whether it be from that awfully commercial holiday next month or just because November is a beautiful time of year. Until next time!

Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2017
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