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OOTD: Channelling my Inner Hogwarts Student

I finally got to see Fantastic Beasts! Since I like matching my outfits to an occasion, I decided to dress in a way reminiscent of a Hogwarts student, but not so close that I’d feel like a super nerd (though a super nerd I am).

Channelling my Inner Hogwarts Student

Cardigan: Too Fast
Shoes: Bettie Page

I paired a sweater with a quality skirt to get the classic look. Then I added some cute shoes and my cardigan. I was going to go with a basic black one but then decided to wear my new one from Too Fast. It definitely veers away from being Hogwarts style but I thought the outfit needed some more interest.

Eerie Cemetery Cardigan by Too Fast

I am so sad that I couldn’t find my gold eye glitter so I decided to wear my new lipstick, as well – “Enchanted Rose” by Fantasy Allure. I chose it because it’s rose coloured with gold sparkles – the colours of my house, Gryffindor!

Enchanted Rose by Fantasy Allure Cosmetics
Lipstick: “Enchanted Rose” by Fantasy Allure

So I’ve ordered sooo much more than I should during the seasons of giving but I’m pretty excited about what I bought and can’t wait to share it. Until then!

Posted on Saturday, December 3, 2016
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