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Commencement, Pt II

When I was able to conquer my social anxiety, it felt like I was truly starting my life again; rather than protecting myself from the outside world, I was joining it. But now that I’m finished my undergraduate degree and don’t have any further education, it mentally feels like I’m, as they say, starting a new chapter of my life. I’ve started my career and from this point on, I will buy my own house, get married, have children, and everything in between. There’s no four-year plan or obligations and now my chapter ends in death, as dramatic as that sounds. Anyone who finished schooling must know this feeling. This is to me what freedom feels like, and I didn’t know it until now.

But why in the name of all that is holy did I decide to resume blogging again?

  1. I’ve actually started to follow blogs within the past few months, and though I know I’m not interesting by any stretch of the word, my life actually is substantial enough to write about.
  2. I watch reviews and I have reviews. I have thoughts my friends and family aren’t particularly interested in. There are some things I wish to share with the world.

As you can see, there are no places to comment. This blog is for me and those who wish to read it, whatever it may offer. There are no social obligations and expectations that normally revolve around a blog and this satisfies me. If you wish to write me, do! But having few or no comments on a post, with the little anxiety I have left, does cause me stress. I desire implementing this system will prolong my blogging appetite.

Granted, my last run on 7 Shades endured about two years. Let’s see how long this one can go.

Originally published on 10th July 2016

Posted on Saturday, August 13, 2016
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