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Unsuccessful Purple Hair

I dye my hair a temporary colour sometimes and even though I’m in love with Manic Panic’s Purple Haze, I decided to try some new products which didn’t go quite as well.

First I tried Aesthetic by Lime Crime because the colour looked gorgeous and I absolutely love their lippies, so what did I have to lose? Well, I had nothing to lose, that’s what.

Lime Crime Aesthetic Hair Dye

Lime Crime Aesthetic Hair Dye

Ummm. There was a good amount of colour in the packaging at least? But obviously it didn’t really do anything to my hair. Some strands had a pinkish highlight, but really? I left the dye in for two hours on my entire head – bleached and natural blonde – and nothing? I don’t even know how that could’ve been achieved but at least it didn’t ruin my hair, I guess. They have great makeup but I’m not going to buy their hair dye again.

Additionally, I got some Dye Hard hair gel from Manic Panic (in the shade Purple Haze of course) because I wanted to try out a product that would stay in my hair for a day only. Since the tubes were small, I used it only on the underside of my hair. At first, it worked pretty well; the colour was pigmented and seemed to flow nicely when brushed out. And then…

Manic Panic Dye Hard Gel in Purple Haze

Super faded. The product itself was great, it wasn’t messy and it was easy to apply, but I was disappointed that it dried to a very faint purple colour when it was pigmented wet. However the gel was way more successful than Lime Crime’s pretty big failure.

I’d really like to try some more colours from different brands but for now, my favourite is still Manic Panic’s Purple Haze – by a long shot.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I can’t believe 2017 is almost over! I dropped the ball on taking more aesthetically-pleasing photos and that’s really my only goal this year. I’d like photos that look a bit more professional and actually, I’m thinking of painting my room white so I have a clean canvas to take pictures against. In any event, I definitely want to continue blogging through the new year and I hope that better photographs will follow.

I hope everyone has a wonderful new year and that 2018 will treat you well!

Posted on Saturday, December 30, 2017
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The Best Reds, 2017

I’ve always loved red lips, and my makeup collection started when I embarked on a journey to find the perfect red lip shade: something not too dark, not too bright, not too pink, and not too blue – just pure red. And, of course, after owning what is now a collection of 50+ lipsticks, I have a tonne of reds of all pigments, saturation, and finishes. After a lot of thinking, I’ve come up with my favourite reds that are just that – red. These aren’t very dark or bright, and they don’t have a undertones though a few have some orange pigmentation. I’ve learned that’s how I like my reds 😉

The Best Red Lipsticks, 2017
From top to bottom: Worth, Helen Wheels, Cornucopia, Frida, Jingle, Strawberry

Worth by Axiology

“Worth” by Axiology probably strays the most in the orange direction but it’s a shiny brick red lipstick that’s absolutely gorgeous. It comes in a stick and my only concern is that it’s not very long-lasting, however I have found that I wear this brand when I’m planning on changing my makeup later in the day. The company itself is devoted to making the world a greener, friendlier place and it’s absolutely beautiful. Definitely check them out.

Helen Wheels by Manic Panic

“Helen Wheels” by Manic Panic is the most underrated colour ever. It’s honestly the colour that stopped my search for the perfect red, because I’d found it; the thing that kept me looking for more colours is that I was worried it would be taken off the market for lack of interest. Anyway, it comes in a stick but it’s more long-lasting than some other stick lipsticks (however it was quite hot the day I received it and I think it was dried out – but that only made it less smear-able). It’s a true red that’s a bit on the orange side but it’s like a fire engine red without being obnoxiously bright. It’s such a wonderful shade.

Cornucopia by Makeup Monsters

“Cornucopia” by Makeup Monsters is one of their most popular colours and rightfully so. It’s just such a beautiful brick red and the formula is pretty solid (though it does fade and smudge some throughout the day). I’m not quite sure what to say other than it’s a beautiful colour.

Frida by LA Splash

“Frida” by LA Splash is one of the first I bought from them, and they’re probably my favourite lipstick brand at the moment. Their formula is amazing and ridiculously hard to get off – which is great until you want to swatch! Frida is a glittery red that’s a bit on the orange side but in certain light, it’s a solid red. It’s still available but since it was part of their Dia de los Muertos collection last year, I hope they’ll make it a permanent part of their collection.

Jingle/Red Hot by Lime Crime

I’ve talked about “Jingle,” now called “Red Hot,” by Lime Crime in a previous post and I’m so glad they’re selling it as a single now. It’s a beautiful solid red that has a lot of shine to it; this shade gets a tonne of compliments. The nice thing is that the shine is subtle enough to be worn casually but visible enough that it doesn’t look matte. Lime Crime’s another brand that has a great formula – not as great at LA Splash but pretty close.

Strawberry by Anastasia Beverly Hills

“Strawberry” by Anastasia Beverly Hills is a godsend; I haven’t seen another lip colour like it but I’ve dreamt of it. It’s a very solid red but nothing that’s too bright, a bit like Helen Wheels, though the saturation and texture is very different. It’s available only online so I hope this beauty isn’t going to be discontinued.

I have so many beautiful reds that I love but I managed to narrow them down to six, and I hope those six were good enough for you, viewers! Of these, which is your favourite?

Until next week!

Posted on Sunday, March 5, 2017
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OOTDs: the Edge of 2016

New year, new hair – I’ve been wanting to dye my hair purple again for a long time. I used to dye it quite often but because of jobs I haven’t really gotten the chance to. But this weekend, I finally did – and I went back to my go-to colour, Purple Haze by Manic Panic. My favourite part about dyeing my hair is that when I was it out, I do so that my hair has an ombre effect (a perk of having light hair).

I’ve been wearing a lot of simple sweaters lately so I thought I’d show two recent OOTDs that weren’t so basic.

Dress by Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing, Choker by Kambriel
Hat: Unknown
Choker: Kambriel
Dress: Moonmaiden Gothic

I loved wearing my new dress and honestly I haven’t worn fishnets in quite a long time so I felt marvelous in this outfit. You can never go wrong with fishnets and velvet. I’ve had the choker for a while and hardly ever wear it, but I think it looks less dramatic when paired with a simple outfit.

A Petersone Clothing with Corvus Corone Fashion A Petersone Clothing with Corvus Corone Fashion
Hair Colour: “Purple Haze” by Manic Panic
Blouse: A Petersone Clothing
Skirt: Corvus Corone Fashion
Shoes: Pinup Couture

I have to say that I’ve been wanting to wear this outfit since I bought the two pieces and I love it! The blouse and the skirt are both so beautiful and comfortable. The top would be perfect for wearing under underbust corsets. I felt like the composition would be a bit too formal for a friendly gathering but it actually wasn’t at all.

For 2017, I have lipstick swatches, lists, and more to share. In all honesty, I’ve been hesitant to do those because I’m always buying more things (i.e. I’d have to re-write everything) but I’ve been convincing myself that it’s OK to have outdated posts. I swear my next post will be a swatch one – but that will be in 2017.

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2016 was great & 2017 treats you well.

Posted on Saturday, December 31, 2016
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