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OOTDs: Les Princesses

I’ve said before that I love matching my outfits to the event I’m going to, so I was quite excited when I got to see Beauty and the Beast a few weeks ago. I’ve also been feeling sheer clothing and full-length dresses as of late, so this was a perfect time to combine the two.

Vintage dress found on Etsy
Dress: Vintage

I found this lovely sheer maxi dress on Etsy and I was quite excited to pair it with a rose ring and a tree necklace I found around the web, along with this lovely hair clip I bought a few years ago:

Hair Clip by Necrosarium
Hair Clip: Necrosarium

This super simple hairstyle makes me feel so elegant, and of course I had to complete it with a red rose. How could I not? I also used some gold glitter on my eyes and a classic red lip colour to tie in with this piece, and I was quite pleased with the way it turned out. The movie ended up being pretty good – not perfect – so this was quite a good day.

And also, a few months ago, I purchased a beautiful gown that I thought was subtle enough to wear out, and I finally got to wear it to see the cherry blossoms. It’s named after a queen but it certainly made me feel like a princess.

Boleyn Gown by MoonMaiden Gothic

Boleyn Gown by MoonMaiden Gothic
Dress: MoonMaiden Gothic

Just look at this simple but gorgeous gown! It’s so dramatic but subtle enough that I didn’t feel uncomfortable wearing it in public. They’re making this into a mini dress and I can’t wait to see their new collection.

Do you have any clothes that make you feel like a princess?

Posted on Saturday, April 8, 2017
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