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The Renn Fest Outfits

Like every year, I went to the Renn Fest a few times and of course I take the opportunity to wear clothing I otherwise wouldn’t wear as much. This year, I got a bodice that I’m debating wearing out normally, but of course it was perfect for the faire and since it’s reversible, I got to wear it two ways:

Bodice by Dungeon Duds n Jewels
Bodice by Dungeon Duds n Jewels
Bodice: Dungeon Duds n Jewels
Skirt: Rose Mortem
Shoes: Forever 21

I love this bodice, a lot. I love peacock prints and the colours in this are so lovely and add a lot of beautiful colour and texture – this print got a lot of compliments. I paired it with one of my favourite skirts and the new shoes I absolutely love, and this outfit is definitely one of my favourites. The bodice is, well, a bodice, so I’m not sure I’d be so comfortable wearing it out to an everyday event but I definitely hope this isn’t the last of my peacock bodice.

Skirt by Corvus Corone Fashion
Bodice: Dungeon Duds n Jewels
Overskirt: Corvus Corone Fashion
Underskirt: Skeletons in the Closet
Shoes: Funtasma

Naturally, the other side of my bodice is all black with a dragon print. What can I say? I built this outfit from the bottom, using one of my favourite skirts by Corvus Corone Fashion and pairing it with a mesh skirt I got to add some interest. I love how it came out and would definitely pair the skirts together again, though I love them both on their own as well. This winter, I’m going to try to wear my heavier skirts more often and I hope that’s a promise I can keep to myself.

I leave for Peru this week so I won’t be around to blog but I hope everyone is having a great week and is starting to get into a festive mood, whether it be from that awfully commercial holiday next month or just because November is a beautiful time of year. Until next time!

Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2017
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OOTDs: the Renaissance Fair

I’m one of those people who loves to go to the renaissance fair each year, and I’m a complete geek for dressing up in clothing I’m not brave enough to wear on an average day. This year, I went twice.

Rose Mortem, Auralynne
Top: Rose Mortem
Corset: Ebay
Skirt: Auralynne

I got several compliments on my outfit, which I was actually rather surprised about. I really need to start corset training again, seeing as I’m so horrible at wearing the garment. But on another note, I was so excited to wear my skirt out for the first time! Just look how gorgeous it is:

Skirt by Auralynne

And of course, the look wouldn’t have been complete without my jewellery:

Dracula Clothing
Dragon Necklace: Dracula Clothing
Velvet Choker: Lilacat Designs
Pentagram Ring: Arcana XIII
Skeleton Hand Ring: Freedom Jewelry USA

I’m so in love with my dragon necklace. I remember I was upset with how large it was several years ago when I first got it, but now I think it’s the perfect size – not too small and not too large.

The second time I went, it was raining so I decided to wear boots and a shorter skirt to avoid stains and trips into mud. I made up for it by tying a shawl I got at the Fest a few years ago around my waist.

Blouse by Rose Mortem
Top: Rose Mortem

I’m trying to stop wearing so much eyeliner since it makes my eyes look strange and yet they still look so tiny. Sigh.

Today was absolutely gorgeous. It finally feels like October and Halloween is just around the corner. I hope the same is true of where you live!

Posted on Sunday, October 9, 2016
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