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Tarte Liquid Lip Swatches

Tarte Red Lipsticks

I have to admit that since they have more natural colours, I didn’t think I’d wear Tarte Cosmetics as much as I do. I frequently throw on their lip paint since I actually really like their true red colours. (Though I have to be honest, these stay on alright but are not smear/transfer proof.) I was short on time when I did these swatches, which is why the application is horrid but I decided to make this post because their colours look very similar and since they’re about $20 a pop, it’s worth knowing the differences.

Tarte XOXO

My favourite has got to be XOXO because it’s a nice true red that doesn’t have any significant undertones but it’s not very saturated, which I love. It looks like a red you’d see more in nature and it’s difficult to find a shade like that. I wear this one all the time.

Tarte Cheerleader

Cheerleader is definitely the darkest but I would call it a true deep red with a slight berry undertone rather than a dark red. It’s a great sophisticated colour.

Tarte Bae

The creamy matte lip colour Bae is a true deep red but it’s lighter than cheerleader. The colour is as close to a deep red as it can be without being dark, so it’s a great shade. However I found this formula a lot chunkier to put on than the others – not impossible, just different.

Tarte Extra

Extra is definitely the brightest of the five and it’s a cool-tone red. It’s actually more of a true cool red since it’s not neon, just a bit brighter than their other shades.

Tarte grav3yardgirl Swamp Family Red

Swamp Family Red is a collaboration with Bunny Meyer and I think it’s limited edition. This colour is definitely a true cool red, probably the coolest of the five I have, but it is definitely a true red so if that’s something you’re looking for, this should definitely be a contender.

Tarte Red Lipstick Swatches
Left to Right: XOXO, Cheerleader, Bae, Extra, Swamp Family Red

I hope that this was helpful and even though their formula isn’t perfect, these colours are really nice and I wear them often.

Next week I will be on a plain to Europe and I’m probably going to be gone until mid-November so follow me on Instagram for some beautiful pics and I’ll update everyone on my trips when I get back. Until then!

Posted on Friday, October 6, 2017
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